• Education

    Investing in education, at all levels, should always be a priority for our state. Our children and young people are our most valuable assets and quality, affordable education must be available to all families.

  • Economic Security

    Even during an economic downturn, we must work to provide opportunities for growth and prosperity across the state. All families in North Dakota should feel secure and have the chance to invest in their futures.

  • Ethics

    North Dakotans should trust their government, but must be able to ensure that elected officials are honest in their actions and can be held accountable when they are not. Increasing transparency and improving campaign finance laws will help to ensure good governance.

It has been my honor to represent District 42 in the legislature and I hope to continue the good work I have started to make this district and our state a better place to live. We have significant financial and economic challenges, but, with the right leadership, we will overcome these challenges and emerge a stronger, better state. – Kylie Oversen

Campaign Update:

Senator Mac Schneider and I are excited to be running for re-election this fall and could not be more proud to have our friend, Grant Hauschild, join our ticket. We will continue to focus on issues important to District 42 and the entire state of North Dakota. Your continued support is appreciated as we move towards victory in November.

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